Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You'll do what with my wine?

So I found other accomodation. Much cheaper, but that of course comes with a price. Bamboo walls and cold showers. But hopefully I won't be spending too much time in my room.

Although, I went for a bit of a wander. There are too many goddamn people here. It just makes me nervous. I don't wanna take my camera out, and if I can't take pictures, I don't wanna bother. Plus there are elephants wandering the streets. Ok, I'm exaggerating. I only saw one. But where's there's one elephant, one can only assume there are more right? They're well trained right? Maybe. I know they aren't well treated. I can't imagine owning such a beast of an animal and not respecting it. Case in point: A few weeks ago a local elephant owner left his money maker tied up for a few days and without food. Jeez, Wonder what a huge beast of a starving animal might do if left alone for a few days? It went on a rampage through Bangkok. Thankfully it only took its anger out on cars, but the potential for disaster is there.

So nervousness and claustrophobia, and vacation in general, leads to beer. So I stopped in a cafe for one. I noticed this particular cafe allows you to bring your own wine or liquor, but they do charge a modest "cockage" fee. I wonder exactly what happens to your bottle when you pay this cockage fee?

Anyway, I've found someone to get smashed with this evening, which was really my only goal here. I'll attempt some sight-seeing, but I'll be honest, I'm over it. Its too damn hot to wander around looking for another freakin' temple. There is a a forensic museum with ghastly things unrelated to any culture, but interesting, and I'll hopefully check out some Thai boxing on Friday. Then I'll head south for some lazy time on the beach. Gotta catch some rays before the deep abyss of grey in Russia!

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