Saturday, October 24, 2009

Climate changing zombies

My mother just sent me a text asking for my address. Sent. Then clarified that she meant physical. Sent. I thought I was getting a present. Then she wants to clarify my social security number. Fearing she is using me as a tax shelter, I ask what she's doing. She says she's making me the beneficiary of my siblings' college funds. I reply, shouldn't that be guardian? She says, it's in case she and five siblings all die.

I reply, "I imagine if that occurred, it would be the apocalypse so I'll need that money to buy zombie fighting things" She replies, yes, and something about the Climate Change meetings in Copenhagen. Perhaps she has become concerned that climate change isn't actually a bunch of malarkey and maybe she should pay attention? But it still leaves me to wonder, does she think I have super human powers and will survive when they all die? Was my father secretly Superman or Richard Branson?