Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 thoughts

So I addressed the "Where were you when" subject on my other blog.  This is not that blog.  This is the blog for sometimes offensive banter.

It makes me angry every time I hear someone say "I missed my bus that morning, God was really looking out for me." or "If I had stayed that extra minute to chat to my boss, it would have been me.  God has a plan for me."

So, that leads to the logical conclusion that the person who caught the wrong bus and ended up at the World Trade Center at the wrong time, or switched flights and ended up on Flight 93, or maybe just checked their watch an extra time before crossing the street in Nebraska which placed them directly in line to be hit by a drunk driver; all of these people God has forsaken right?  God has no plan for them, and really just doesn't give a shit.  Or maybe they were all bad people?

Maybe that's it.  All the people that narrowly escaped death are good people, and will go to cure cancer.  And all the people that died were murderers and rapists.

Wait, that doesn't make sense does it?

Right, and God wasn't specially looking out for you.  But hey, if that forces you to go be a better person and help others, more power to you, but if you choose to believe it's because God was looking out for you, be prepared to also accept that God purposefully knocked off that woman who only changed her flight so that she could spend  the day with her husband on his birthday.