Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dear Mama

A few years ago, my mother and I had a great falling out.  It involved gourds and cupcakes decorated like women's genitalia.  She slung insults that I could not abide and I asked her to never contact me again.

She insists on sending me the odd text to remind me of my siblings birthdays and ask for my father's number for the 100th time.  She also sends emails of a religious nature.  One was just an Eric Clapton video with the question, Did you know Eric Clapton is Catholic?

I got a bee in my bonnet this morning though.  And sent this:

You believe that your god is all knowing. You believe your god has a plan for you. Then why are you praying? Are you questioning his decision making?

Your god is clearly sadistic. He knew he was creating murderers and rapists and pedophiles. He knew all this and on purpose, he made them. He made child molesters *on purpose*. And you want to pray for mercy to a god that knew men would rape children and yet made them anyway? He made the men that raped a little girl so violently, she ended up in a wheel chair and with multiple fistulas. How are you going to help her? Pray that he quits making rapists?

Don't even start with "God allows". Don't talk to me about free will. If you believe your god is omnipotent. If you believe he is all knowing. If you believe he has a plan for everyone, then you should quit insulting him with your constant questioning of his plans. Stop asking for guidance, because he will guide where you need to be. Which may be into the hands of a rapist, because he made that rapist with full knowledge of every woman and child he would hurt. Quit insulting your all knowing god.

Like a lot of people, at one time, I half believed out of fear. Thankfully I freed myself of that slavery. And found that I could do a lot more good in the world if, instead of spending time convincing an omnipotent god to change his mind, I started actually doing something.

You spend hours praying for things that you may get and you may not, and then chalk it up to "God's Will". How about you spend hours helping someone. Screaming into the ether is just that.

At the very least, quit hoping that one day I'll buy into your fairy tales. We had a conversation a while back, in which you insulted me heavily and I asked you never to contact me again. You didn't for a while, but somehow have decided that sending religious emails doesn't count. Stop it. It is seriously counter-productive.