Monday, January 5, 2009


New Years has come and gone. I found an English bloke to celebrate with. We pretty much spent the evening drinking anywhere we could buy alcohol. At some point we watched a local Thai hardcore band. There was backstreet wanderings that included pet owls. And there was more drinking. We capped the night off with a round of grilled chicken hearts. I actually liked them so much we went back for seconds. They were really tasty! But when I tried to eat them go. I need liquid courage to eat any more chicken hearts.

Drinking continued for a few days really. With breaks for sleeping. We did try to catch a museum, but it was closed. So now I've moved on to a different room. One that seems to attract all horny and/or disgruntled cats in the neighborhood. And I've gone down to the local DVD stall. Where you gamble if the dvds are going to be ripped from an original dvd, or just bootleg shot from the back of a theatre. I've gotten Run Fat Boy Run, and it seems to be a genuine ripping. So I'm going to watch it just to force myself to stay up past 9. Then tomorrow, I will attempt some sort of site seeing...maybe...

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