Sunday, December 12, 2010

Important matters such as this.

I worked the George Clinton show last night.  This is not about that.  This is about more important things.

Got in about 4am.  For some reason got up about 8am.  Figured, I should eat something.

In Russia, they often eat simple open faced sandwiches.  They're called buterbrodi.  I had some salami and cheddar, figured I'd have a go at one that actually tasted good.

Step 1:  Toast a slice of bread
Step 2:  In one skillet, on low heat, warm up the salami.
Step 3:  In another skillet, warm up some olive oil and garlic salt.
Step 4:  Put the toast into warm oiled skillet and add the salami.
Step 5:  Turn up the heat in the now empty skillet, to medium and drop a slice of thick cheddar in.  Just for a second or two, slide out and flip and after a second or two, just when it starts to stretch, pull it out and lay it on the salami and bread.  (BE CAREFUL!)
Step 6:  Cover the skillet and let it warm together for a few minutes.
Step 7:  EAT!!!!

Let me tell you, de-lish.  For me the salami is key.  The fat adds a dimension not found in other deli meats that really brings everything together.

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