Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dogs.  I don't care for them.  You know who I care less for?  Dog owners.

On Sunday, a dog was shot at the festival I was working at.  Piecing together stories, including some from eye witnesses, a foster parent of an abused pit bull was walking the dog down the street...WITHOUT A LEASH.  Huge crowd, dogs everywhere, children.  And you want to bring your abused pit in here without a muzzle, much less a leash?  It attacked a smaller dog.  It may or may not have turned on the cop.  The dog is dead now, and it's the foster owners fault.

On a lighter note.  I don't even have grass in front of my apartment to be protective of.  But I walk past grassy lawns with nice signs saying, "No pets".  I.e., don't let your pet defecate and urinate on our grass.  At least twice a week I see someone letting their dog do their business within 3 feet of these signs.  And often, it's a tenant of the apartment building!  I realize there are not so many places to toilet your dog in the city.  So how 'bout you don't get a dog?  How 'bout you get a fish, a cat, a lizard, a bird.  All manor of pets that are suitable for a concrete jungle.  Or how 'bout you do a good self examination before getting this animal.  Will you take the time to walk it the blocks and blocks needed to A) find a suitable toileting place. and B) give it the necessary exercise it needs?  It's an animal!

With that said, here's a neat dog park:

Pooch Park

and a silly cat town

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Michael Arrowood said...

Cat town is NOT silly! I love the idea of the Caboodle Ranch. If I lived closer I would go down there and work as a volunteer...

I'm on the same page about dogs in cities. Always makes me crazy, the way dog owners act about their darlings. Give me a cat any day -- they tread quietly on the earth. And cover their own poop!