Saturday, August 28, 2010

- where are you, me, them

This will not be entertaining. This will be informative. A background is needed for future rants and/or raves.

I found an apartment. A block from a metro, the U street/Cardozo metro to be exact. To be more exact, the U street/African American Civil War Memorial /Cardozo metro. Although, I refer to it as U Street/Cardozo and the metro people say something like, "U Street/Cardozo, site of the African American Civil War Memorial." It's a statue at the top of the metro escalator, which is most likely not working.

It seems that at any given time 50 percent of the metro escalators are in fact stairs. No one seems to be working on the "stairs". Just trying to save money on electricity? No thanks for the convenience. Love you Mitch.

The apartment is old. It smells like paint and I think it's going to hold that smell. There is no living room. Just two bedrooms and a small kitchen. The building is old. It is surrounded by new apartment complexes. So a safe neighborhood I think. In my old building are two 2-bedroom apartments, a barber shop, a psychic, and what is soon to be a coffee shop. The building is owned by Ethiopians. I was hoping for an Ethiopian coffee shop, but they just want a regular one. Good luck with that. I'll give them some tips, maybe and make it a hip place. I'm also trying to convince them to open an Ethiopian restaurant in Asheville.

My landlords are a riot. They seem to do nothing but eat and drink. They took me to an Ethiopian restaurant. It was flat amazing. So, my apartment is not great, but I think it will work.

My roommate is a fiery Puerto Rican Buddhist Vegetarian in a PhD program to be a Sex Therapist. She wants everything in the apartment to match. The walls are white...

A map store closed the second week I got here. I bought a ton of maps. I will decorate my room amply. Except I can't get the pins in the walls. Maybe I'll just sit in my room and think about maps.

I have one futon and an extra futon mattress. So guests can sleep near the floor.

I found a table on Craigslist. Small, but solid. Carried it 6 blocks. My legs are varying shades of red and purple. I know what it feels like to be into S&M now.

I found a temp job. Most likely lasting about a month. It involves trying to organize a mans files. This man is in charge with contracting the work for the Wounded, Ill, and Injured programs. He is not organized and seems to be reluctant to let people help, yet wants me to work 40 hours a week. It should be...something. But I'll get the experience of reading government contracts. A resume gem for sure.

You have been adequately updated


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