Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gifting Ideas

Again with the hippie crap...

In addition to the Preserve Toothbrush Subscription, here's two gift ideas I use and plan to adhere to more strictly in the coming years.

Gifting Idea No. 1: Antique stores. Especially the ones with multiple booths run by different owners. Flea Markets work too, but I usually have better luck in the stores. These places are a wealth of neat gifts. They feel as if they're bulging with secrets. The only danger - coming out with more for you than the person for whom you were shopping. The idea here is that there is so much "stuff" just sitting around. Why buy something new, putting a strain on our already strained resources, when there's a really neat Jack Daniels whiskey cabinet for 40 bucks at the local shop? Take a Sunday and just wander through the isles, something is bound to jump at you!

Gifting Idea No. 2: Local Gift Certificates. Is there a local haunt you really enjoy and hope it can survive? Give them some new customers with gift certificates! This works great for the less personal gifts, Secret Santa's, White Elephants, co-workers birthday. And there's nothing wrong with giving them to your friends too! Especially if they come with some small item you picked up at the Antique Store!

It's easy to run to Wal-mart and buy some crap they may or may not need. But where's the fun in that?

In your future gift giving pursuits, have some fun!

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