Friday, August 21, 2009

Movie update

In Russia, I caught few new movies. I got the .99 movies on iTunes and they were either really old or really odd, and not good odd. Since I came home I saw Bruno, no comment. Finally caught Juno, enjoyable? And some other movie that I can't remember, so maybe it wasn't so good.

Just caught Away We Go. Unfortunately, it may be too late to catch in theatres, but rent it, add it to your Netflix. Yeah, it's your cutester, hipster, everything is too real film; a genre unfortunately already blase. But this film is great. All the way through...until the end. And not the ending, literally the last line was terrible.

I like realistic film. I like all kinds of film actually. Of course sometimes I like to believe that these stories could happen in real life. But at the same time, we don't watch movies to watch real life. (or maybe we do. does this have something to do with our laziness? we don't walk anymore so we don't see real life, and so have to waste 10 bucks at the theatre to see what life is like? this is another blog all together.) There has to be some disconnect. Either make the ending absurdly horrific, or absurdly great. This movie ended exactly as it would in real life. In fact, there is more disconnect between reality and hollywood throughout the rest of the movie.

Regardless. This movie is full of gem one-liners. Which is perhaps also becoming a blase genre, but it's not yet, so watch this film. Plus John Krasinksi is mucho attractivo with a beard.

I saw a preview for a movie called Adam. In this film, a guy with Aspergers, a fairly strong version of it from what I've seen, meets a girl. The movie seems to take the idea that many females have a habit of meeting men with problems and wanting to fix them, and it runs with it. But the guy and his asocial behavior seems to be the center of the film, so we can all laugh about our little social faux-pas' and look like asses because we're laughing at a guy with Autism. But it could be interesting.

I don't care for Quentin Tarentino. Deathproof was absolute shit. But I do like Brad Pitt. And I will see Inglourious Basterds simply to hear him say "Killin' Natzis" ten times.

Today at the Flat Rock Cinema starts, Cheri. This is some sort of Frenchish coming of age, both youth and menopausal, film that centers around some ladies of the night. This film stars Michelle Pfeiffer and...Kathy Bates. Well, regardless of not wanting to think of Kathy Bates as a courtesan, this could be an interesting film.

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