Saturday, January 17, 2015

invisible driver

Flying is not civilized.  I feel like at some point in our history it was.  It went from a very dangerous pipe dream to a standard mode of transportation.  As Drunk Uncle points out, people used to get dressed up to fly.  Now, it’s simply, how many bodies can we cram into this tin can.  Got a shoehorn?  We’ll fit one more. 

Trains.  Trains are the only easily assessable civilized method of transportation.  I might argue that a hot air balloon is a rather civilized method, but this is certainly not easily accessible.  Boats can be fairly civilized, assuming you have 2 weeks to get somewhere and your party does not fall victim to the latest stomach bug craze.  If you aren’t on an overcrowded train that requires you arrive or depart at some ungodly hour, it’s likely the most comfortable method to get to Aunt Sally’s or to see that band that will only play 3 shows a year and it’s in some fancy ass city you don’t live in. 

Often, you can easily claim two seats together.  Likely, you have some source of power for your all-important gadgets.  Turbulence may be more frequent, but hey!, you’re on the ground!  No one is telling you when you are allowed to use the bathroom.  No one asks you to take your shoes off, to check inside your hat, or to submit to superman’s x-ray underwear viewing machines.  You don’t have to buy tiny overpriced toiletries.  You don’t have to pay 7 dollars for a bottle of water.  You can bring whatever food and beverage you care to.  I imagine they wouldn't take kindly to putting out a bottle of Jack, but who knows.

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