Friday, January 23, 2015

Life on a Shoestring

I had a terrible nightmare last night that I was trekking the Amazon with improper footwear...

We started off on a long metal raft.  Whooshing down the river.  No one fell off, which was an amazement.  You just laid on the 6inch thick metal panel and grabbed onto any bar you could.  For some reason I was wearing casual/dressy sandals.  Of course I lost one in the river.  We got to the put out, again, having lost no one.  And I realize I forgot my hiking boots.  So now I'm barefoot for this jungle trek.  So back on the raft.  Two hours later, I return to the put out only to see that I in fact had packed two pairs of Chacos that would have worked just fine.

Stress dreams.  That I don't have proper shoes for future potential life changes...and that I'm really bad at fully checking a situation before making decisions.  Send me your dreams, I'll read them.

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