Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Warming up the engine.

Got back into my Facebook.  Wasn't terribly difficult obviously.  Still not 100% who turned me in for nominal chicanery, but I've taken a few precautions.

I have, however, uninstalled the app from my phone.  Facebook in an incredible tool for keeping connections around the world.  The same tool can break down closer connections.  For me, it's just too much of a distraction.  So I have it open when I'm on my computer, but, for now at least, it's not ringing directly to my phone when I'm away from my computer.

This year I hope to make a major shift.  Geographically.  It's in the works, I hope, and if it happens, I'll have more to write about than daily annoyances of DC.

But in the meantime, perhaps some of those can be amusing...

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