Monday, April 4, 2011

Those progressive penguins...

"Female penguins will trade sex for rocks".  Heard that on the radio this morning.  I mean, female humans trade sex for rocks all the time.

But let's look deeper...

After sexing up the male penguin, she steals his rocks.  But this isn't her mate.  This is her boo on the side.  Or is it?  So much for mating for life!!

Learning more, I realized this may be more of a dedicated pimp situation.  It seems that the male is a one penguin man.  But the female, she has to go out and work it to get some rocks.  Now as far as I know, the rocks are used for the nest.  And I seem to remember that the male penguin takes care of the babies, or at least helps a lot.

So maybe what we have here, is a stay at home dad / working mom situation.  Well, "working girl" mom situation.

Pretty progressive those penguins.

Next thing we know, we'll find out they have gay penguins adopting children...

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