Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A note on Fashion

Nobody puked at the Kate Nash show!  Score!  I like her voice, but her genre's a fad and this style of dressing like a 4 year old has got to stop.  It makes my job difficult.  "I see you're drinking, are you over 21?" --   "Of course, I'm 37!" -- "Oh, it's just that you're dressed like a 4 year old going to her baptism. I'm sure you can understand my confusion."

Hack websites like Sartorialist are all about this fashion that I've termed "18th century homeless child".  Everyone is dressing like they sell "papes" on the corner and work in the coal mines on the weekend.  Sure, some parts of those outfits are neat, I like a jaunting cap, and reinforce those trouser knees!  But haggard ass ugly shoes that you paid 70 bucks for, just to look like you're wearing jazz dance boots while working at a nursing home?!

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