Friday, February 19, 2010

Water Pod

I would like to design a Snuggie that holds water.

Who can afford a jacuzzi or their own pool? Who doesn't want a personal hot tub? A bathtub loses its temperature so quickly. Right as you start to slip into a consciousness not experienced since you were in utero, the temperature starts to drop. The time spent on filling the bathtub with hot water is roughly twice the amount of time you get to enjoy it. A shower holds its temperature, but how relaxed can you be while standing? I've been tempted to sit in a shower, but I know what comes off my feet in the shower, and I don't feel like sharing that with my butt.

Sometimes on a hot day, I'll go to wash my hands and find myself closing my eyes and pretending I'm in a cool, placid lake...until my fingers start to wrinkle.

So let's make a personal water pod. It would probably resemble more of a sack than an actual snuggie. It would have a temperature control. Just imagine sitting down to watch Drag Race in your own personal hot tub. Or maybe its hot outside, and you'd like to cool down, but who wants to drag their whale carcass to the public pool to splash around in children's urine? Just jump in your water pod!

If you've got some connections to get this thing going, let me know. In the meantime, I'm gonna go have a shower.


Michael Arrowood said...

Wow! You got it all just right.

Michael Arrowood said...

Oops... my comment was about transportation in Russia, not the Water Pod. Though of course, that's genius, too. But I thought your depiction of Russian transportation was right on target. One writer I read soon after I got back from Russia in 1983 described the scene of people scrambling on and off the buses in then-Leningrad was "like refugee transportation on fire". :) It was a chaotic melee every day at "chas pik".