Monday, September 7, 2009

Swine flu boogie men.

My mother sent me an email about how we're all going to die from the lack of testing on vaccine that no one really needs. Here was my retort:

Again, the American people have caused most of this. For the record, Washington State University has over 2000 cases. Don't tell me it's not spreading. Don't tell me it's not faster than bird flu. It is. Period. And just like the Hepatitis scare in Asheville a few years ago, it's not about how deadly it is to most people, its how deadly it is to the elderly, children, and the already infirmed. People are being requested, not required, to get shots to protect the elderly, children and already infirmed. With that said, will I be getting a shot? No. I've never gotten one, and I won't start now. Also, I'm sure you're aware that these flu shots have always had health risks. People have always died from them. The risk has always existed. THe vaccine need is heightened now because the American people, the British people, and perhaps others have refused to acknowledge all the reports that say swine flu isn't that big of a deal and they have screamed at their governments to get more vaccines. And really, the point of the vaccine is to protect the innocent from the idiots who would get sick and continue to go to work, school, etc and pass it. Unfortunately some people aren't idiots and still have to go to work because they can't afford child care, but that's another subject entirely. I won't be getting one, and I won't be spreading sickness that I do get. The government is actually doing it's job for the most part on this one. It's the drug companies that are the most liable for any scams or health concerns. Precisely why our health shouldn't be left up to men with only thoughts of their pockets, instead of a government meant to work for the people.

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Rory said...

I usually get a flu shot every year. I got mine for the standard flu last week and when the H1N1 vaccine comes out, I'll get that too. I'm in close contact with thousands of students on my campus and the University of Oregon has had dozens of cases. Am I gonna die from it? Probably not, but I don't have time to get sick.

I could probably skip the jab if I gave up making out with someone new every week. But that is not gonna happen.

Your response is spot on: people should be the priority, not profit.