Tuesday, September 29, 2009

America, fuck yeah

I was just reminded of something. While traveling recently, on multiple occasions, I was faced with people who were bothered by my referring to myself as American, or saying I was from America. It was usually a Canadian. My knee-jerk reaction was to shout, "Shut your flapping head". But I usually responded with, "With the stigma that now comes with the word American, do you really want to take those privileges?" Their argument is always that we are all part of North America. Well I'm not stopping you from calling yourself a North American. When I say I'm from America, no one gets confused. No one says, "Could you clarify? Are you from Mexico?" No one asks if I'm in fact Canadian when I say I'm American, or from America. Look, canucks. You are from North America and Canada. Mexicans (who have yet to complain to me about calling myself American) are from Mexico and North America. I am from North America, and the United States of America. That is TWO Americas. I get to say American. Shove off.

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Jeremy Adam Hargroves said...

Reminded of the LCD song North American Scum,"we are north american scum
we are north americans
we are north american scum
we love north america"
Live it up on your travels, Cheers J