Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes I have a few beers and watch TV. Big time interesting... Sometimes I record my thoughts during such occasions:

News channels get on my nerves in general. They get some bit of big news and they have to run it 24 hours a day. I didn’t realize this to its full effect until I came to Russia and the only English TV I have is BBC and CNN. Swine flu was bad enough. Now they have to kill the spirit of Michael Jackson by running nonsense nonstop. A tribute is one thing, but they are now running out of footage of fans, so they run footage of random asshats “moonwalking”.

I believe I just heard that in this recent Israeli/Palestinian conflict, 14 Israelis and 1400 Palestinians have been killed. Really? Wake up America. “God’s Chosen People” aren’t free from the rules of basic ethics.

Stackable car, foldable scooter, bicycle that stores energy for hills, i’m scared of robots, Shit!- who the hell is editing this crap? Flapping ornithopter is more interesting than stackable car? I need to be a journalist.

What is the evolutionary advantage to English people having such narrow jaws? Or is it just a product of inbreeding.

Jesus Christ Superstar was directed by Norman Jewison...

Just another lackluster look into my mind.

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