Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Russian Mystery Fish on a Train

That's a lot of cigarettes and pistachios for three people

So he turned up not drunk, but a bit battered. Apparently two sets of security had seen it fit to introduce his face to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, he's of no danger to anyone but himself and I'm sure just took it. He kept using the word "Fail". I had a "face fail" coming up quite often. While he turned up sober, we quickly commenced drinking, much to my silent protests of class in the morning. Beer, beer, yorsh. Yorsh? Aka "Russian Mystery Fish" Aka, you're getting drunk. Simply vodka and beer, but they insist on calling it a "Cocktail". Well, we made a merry evening of it and I headed back on the last metro. Hopefully his face survived the rest of the night!

Today was class. I made it to all of them, against all...yorsh. Fairly uninteresting as usual. Then I went to, duh duh duuuuuh, the Russian Train Station Ticket Office. Oh dear. The trials and tribulations of simply finding info on trains. And when you finally find it, it's not right. So I have procured a ticket to Odessa, Ukraine. I hope to God I have anyway. After communicating in my shoddy Russian at the info desk, and then waiting forever at the ticket desk, and communicating in shoddy Russian there, I have a ticket of some sort to somewhere on some day. I'll take this ticket to a Russian tomorrow for confirmation. Also, I pray to God that I did not book through Belarus, as they are not the biggest fans of Americans, and I will have to buy a Visa just to take the train through their country IN THE DARK! And it costs OVER 100 DOLLARS!

Did I mention this train will take 35 hours? It will. I'm so stoked. It's a little piece of a dream. The fact that the train is going the opposite way of my dream is no matter at this point.

One of the last things my friend on the left said before I left, "I'm starting feel afraid for my face"

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