Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today is raining. I miss the snow.

I’m watching the Miss Russia pageant. You would think, in a country of such beautiful women, this would be a knock out group of females. You, like me, would be wrong. Some of these women are busted. Their hair is all over the place for one thing. A lot of bad teeth. A lot of too thin girls. Plenty of just boring, and even some fully unattractive women. Now in a country full of absolutely gorgeous girls, who incidentally have complete control over their hair and 6 inch heels in any weather, why would the national beauty competition be filled with anything but drop dead gorgeous women? How could this be? First I thought, maybe the gorgeous girls I see on the street are lacking…moral fiber. Maybe they don’t meet up to this competitions humanity standards. Then I laughed at myself for that one. As if I needed proof, the next 3 girls gave “Let’s get naked” looks to the audience during their introductions. Clearly this is a matter of money. Daddy paid to have his nearly cross eyed daughter on this stage. Some of these girls are clearly lying about their age. 18? Try 35. And from what I can tell, they are actually putting up the girls figures. They show seductive pictures, and then their age and measurements. Yeah, this is about quality humans, not outward beauty...

The lineup for swim suits actually got disturbed because the pop singer entertainment decided to try to grind with the contestants. Ha! His name is Lazerboy. Perfect.

PS. Shoulder pads are totally in…

I hate Rush Limbaugh. With every bone, fiber, corpuscle in my body. I hate him. I’ve never wanted someone dead. Except Rush Limbaugh. “Call abortions”? I’m not going to get into it. I can’t even listen to him for entertainment value, because I know somewhere, probably in my mother’s house, someone is believing the vile spewing from his fat mouth. But you know what? His first name is conveniently the first syllable of my current country and the first syllable of the group of people I sometimes want to punch into a bus. I was told before I left that I was going to get irritated sometimes, and want to yell things like “I hate Russia/Russians”. I was told in these cases to instead yell “I hate Ukranians” in order to avoid offence and perhaps actually gain friends since I there seems to be a dislike among Russians of their former country-men. Well I have nothing against Ukrainians, so I plan to yell “I hate Rush Limbaugh”. It’s doubly powerful. So, if you see on the news, that there is some girl in Russia running around yelling “I hate Rush Limbaugh” after punching someone into a bus, well, you probably could have guessed it was me without me having told you.

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