Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interesting facts about America

I bought some books recently from the local book store on American History. They remind me a bit of wikipedia. The history of a country in 20 pages. The funniest thing about them is they are in English, but clearly written by Russians. The grammar isn't terrible, but the choice of included facts is...enlightening.

The first pages are "interesting facts about the 50 states"

Most are normal, "Arkansas, The only diamond mine in North America is in Arkansas" "Florida, more lakes than any other states"

Then the moderately interesting, "Delaware, Nylon was invented here"

Then the useless, uninteresting, and sometimes demeaning,
"Connecticut, Much of the land is not very good for farming". Really? You couldn't find one positive thing to say? Or perhaps something slightly interesting?

"Minnesota, Millions of people spend their vacation here each year" No. I can't believe this. Who is visiting Minnesota? Maybe Russians. Maybe they come to America but only can tolerate climates similar to their own?

And more:

Illinois--leader in farm machinery, electrical products, iron and steel, bricks, candy, and many other products. Well, I feel better knowing that, especially "many other products"

Iowa--here you can find the biggest popcorn-packing plant. Hmm, well, kind of interesting. And well, it is Iowa, so there is probably nothing more interesting.

Missouri--The state is a leader in automobiles, aerospace equipment, butter, cheese, beer, shoes, and meatpacking. Yes, meatpacking. Something to be proud of.

Montana--Almost every town in Montana has a rodeo.

Pennsylvania--first in pig iron, steel, and canned mushrooms. What the hell is pig iron? And canned mushrooms? Who has these statistics? You know, someone is excited about this statistic though.

Vermont--Produces almost all the US Asbestos

Wisconsin--leader in ice cream and dry milk. Mmmm. Dry milk.

I'm going to leave it at this. I'm sure I'll find more later to share.

Vermont--enjoy your asbestos.


Kelley J said...

I think this is my favorite entry. Not that you talking about Russia and such isn't cool...*cough*

Also, random, but I Stumbled to Urban Dictionary the other day and decided to then look up jick again. Ah, memories.

Traveling Ciguapa said...

I don't like your sarcasm jonkoff. or should i say jickoff.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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