Friday, March 6, 2009


Hmm. I feel as though I should put some text in this box. I also feel rather unmotivated to do so. So I'm going to peruse my personal journal for some tidbits.

March 4
What is the point of putting a sign on the coatrack that says, "Don't forget your coat". The last time you see that sign is when you hang your coat. If the existence of your coat, and oh I don't know, the snow and frigid temperatures, aren't enough to make you remember to take your coat when you leave....

February 20
The metro makes it to Nevsky (station). Then the conductor comes on the mic and says we aren't continuing on this path, we're now going to Saddovaya, at least I think that's what he says. Which is fine, it's the sister station to the one I need. My guess is the construction on line 5 (new line being built in SPB) is causing problems. Anyway, the train starts going backwards. And backwards, and backwards. And it seems we will never reach Saddovaya. Then it stops. No station. Just the bussing of the massive electric machine that I am now confined in. And then a low boom. And then another. But closer. My heart is now about to explode from anxiety. I am in a small metal tube. Underground. What the hell is that noise. I know that one by one, the cars behind me are being blown off the rails. I know this. Everyone is looking in the direction of the noise. And then....the conductor walks into our car...and slams the door. Yes. That is all it was. He had to walk to the other end of the train to continue the journey. When I finally reached Saddovaya, I could barely walk I was shaking so bad.

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to my dear mother who sends me the greatest reports about how everything is going to hell:

March 4
"American's are terribly ignorant. It's sad really. I don't think they realize how little control they have on a lot off things ( I was referencing control in the world, not within the country). We aren't the super power we used to be. We started as a nation of rebels, hellbent to do anything we needed to survive. The weak died off early and only the strong survived to build the nation. But we've bred complacency, etc. back in and everyone thinks we can remain a super power no matter what we do. Sure, it's likely, but it's not definite anymore. Just "being" great isn't enough to stay top dog. Rome fell, so will we. China, while facing a bubble is full of people who have drive and motivation. Russia is full of people in general and a government willing to stop at nothing. And we've managed with our little skirmish in the mid east, to piss off most of the Arab nation and force them to scatter across the globe and start reproducing like rabbits, a force we will never overtake with all the arms in the world. I know we are a doomed world, I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm going to look for a job."

And that is what I am doing now.

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