Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shake Wrist

Recently I had a most bizarre dream. Well, to be fair, I can't comment on the dream itself. I only remember the end. I only remember waking up to someone repeatedly exclaiming, in a most gleeful voice, "Pickle, Pickle, I've got a Nickel!" What? The biggest thing that strikes me here, is that I've never to my knowledge, rhymed in a dream. About pickles and nickels no less. A dream interpreter might read into this my lack of genuine enthusiasm for pickled items and my constant fretting over money. Also my struggle with language. You'll note that the words pickle and nickel sound the same but are spelled altogether differently. I think I had this dream after a pronunciation/dictation class. What else can you garnish from this simple phrase?

I was nearly soaked yesterday. As I was walking home, a marshrutka honked and within seconds, "WOOSH!" The girl 3 feet in front of me was soaked. Her boyfriend had not been walking on the street side of the sidewalk. Grounds for relationship termination if you ask me. I was spared. For what reason I don't know. I have a bad habit of reading everything as a sign, which inevitably leads to contradictory messages.

How do we hail cabs and buses in America? I've never had to. I think it's different than here and SE Asia. In both, you extend your arm out at a 45 degree angle with palm down. A little shake of the wrist adds flair and hopefully gets the attention of the driver as a bonus. It's almost a contest sometimes. If three people hope for a ride in the same marshrutka, they line up and shake wrist vigourously hoping the driver stops in front of them, as there are limited seats on these things. I really enjoy this method of hailing. I think the way you shake wrist says a lot about your personality. Of course, my form changes everytime....

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