Friday, January 9, 2009

Immodest Mouse

When I got dressed this morning, I took special precaution to wear a long sleeved, to the neck shirt. While Cairo is very modern, there are plenty of women covered to their eyes, and some with even their eyes covered. Most of the day I even wore a big wind breaker, just to make sure I wasn't cutting a figure.

But on my way home, I caught my reflection in a store window. I had completely forgotten to address my bottom half. I hadn't forgotten to dress my bottom half, don't worry. I just didn't put the modesty effort in. I realized I had absent mindedly worn a seductive pair of cargo 3/4 length pants. I had at least 6 inches of skin showing! Not to mention my feet! I can only imagine how many spontaneous erections I caused on the streets of Cairo today!

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