Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Disclaimer and further Clinical musings

So I've been handing out this blog address left and right. With that comes new readership that may or may not understand my perspective, or for that matter, my general disposition. I generally write only when I think I have either, something interesting to say, or an interesting way to say something. Often this comes from a very cynical place. So while it may seem that I'm having a terrible time, quite the opposite. I'm loving this. Here's another quote from the same Chekov story:

Bitter as my mood was, I remember I seemed to try make myself gloomier and sadder. Shallow, self-centered people, you know, have moments when the consciousness that they are unhappy gives them a certain pleasure, and they will even coquet with their own sufferings.

So I had to go back to the clinic today to find out if I had inadvertently inhaled some hiv while I’ve been here, although I did have a bit of fun in Thailand…

Anyway, this clinic, people stay there, so its really more like a hospital. It’s so old. I’ll have to go take pictures one day when I have nothing to do. There are cats living in it. Really? Cats? The place is full of pregnant women and cats. I’m allergic to cats, so I hope I don’t get pregnant in Russia!

I would also like to comment on M & Ms. There is zero quality control here where this delicious candy is concerned. I do feel that they deserve more respect. In one bag of M & Ms, I counted perhaps 5 that were in fact some what round. The rest were mutated. Too big, too small. Many looked like Nerds. Obviously they taste the same, but for any musicians who want to picky about M & Ms on their riders, they may have to have them imported.


Aurora said...

You should have a link on your sidebar to some sort of personal manifesta. Then when people want to accuse you of being negative you just ask, snidely, "Didn't you read my FAQs?"

Anyway, being miserable has its own delights.

Michael Arrowood said...

I think they made M&M in Lithuania these days. You can blame it on the Balts!