Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bkk Airport en route to Cairo

I am currently in the Suvarnabhumi airport (sp?) in Bangkok. I am awaiting a flight to Cairo. It is midnight. The flight is scheduled to leave at 1:10am, arriving in Cairo at 6:15. Really? Someone actually thought that was a good idea?

Anyway, this has to be the least secure airport I've ever been in. You'd think considering the history, and the fact that its only a few years old, that they might beef security up a bit. I'm pretty sure I spotted at least 5 ways to get around security.

Also, once through security there are no food vendors. You have to go back through if you want anything. At the moment, I haven't even spotted a toilet. Additionally, once through security, there is a second layer of false security, that just checks that you can go to your gate. If you're too early, guess what? There are five chairs. You're sitting on the floor until they open your gate. Or you can go back through security again! Gee what fun!

So I arrived way early, and they wouldn't let me in. And there was no stores or food, so I went back. When I came back through security, there is no longer a second layer of security. Really? Not that they did any good anyway, but what point is there for any measure to exist if only sporadically.

---Few minutes later

I go through more false security. Find a toilet. Its flooding. Jesus Pete. They really half-assed this place. And the design is sooo modern, it just looks like you're in a space station.

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